JMF Donates AEDs for Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month


The John Mack Foundation is dedicated to the prevention of sudden cardiac death through education and access to life-saving defibrillators. For Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month we’re donating AEDs to four local organizations:

  1. Verde View Equestrian Center (Harpursville)
  2. Apalachin Youth Football League (Apalachin)
  3. Bridgewater Church (Conklin)
  4. Whitney Point Baptist Church (Whitney Point)

All the organizations completed the necessary paperwork and are committed to being prepared in a cardiac emergency.

Every second counts during a cardiac arrest. Having an AED immediately available can make the difference between life and death. AEDs already onsite during cardiac emergencies save 3 times more lives than AEDs dispatched through EMS.

We’re super proud of these organizations for prioritizing safety within their organization and helping to make our community safer for everyone.

Visit John’s Foundation to see a list of additional organizations that have received AEDs from the John Mack Foundation.

To request an AED for your non-profit organization, submit an AED Request.