Hands-Only CPR

In 2012, the American Heart Association released this public service announcement, “Rules of Hands-Only CPR”, featuring the cast of the CBS sitcom “Rules of Engagement”. While the show was canceled in 2013, the message is still timely — learn the life-saving skill of Hands-Only CPR.

It’s two simple steps and can be learned in less than a minute. If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, start Hands-Only CPR:

  1. Call 9-1-1
  2. Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives

The PSA video includes an AHA demo on Hands-Only CPR.



CPR can more than double a person’s chances of survival. The Bee Gees’ classic “Stayin’ Alive” – which is the near-perfect rate for doing chest compressions during CPR – remains the centerpiece of the AHA’s Hands-Only CPR awareness campaign today. Hustle over to heart.org/handsonlycpr to learn more.


SOURCE: American Heart Association